Running in san diego

San diego has got to be my favourite place in the world to run. Going out in the morning before dawn and running by the bay is beautiful. Running back and seeing the sun rise over the bay is spectacular.

I posted a pic of myself on facebook that I took of myself while out running with the San Diego skyline in the background and my friend Jen recommended that I should do this everywhere I go. Which seems like a damn good idea.

So here is the sunrise, and me by the bay..

Funnily enough I actually wrote a post on my phone prior to leaving ireland with a photo I took from the top of the cavehill. For some reason sending it failed so I will post that when I get home.

I’ve had a good week of training. 7 miles tuesday and 5 miles on wednesday and thursday. Also on tues and wed I managed to fit in 10 miles on a stationary bike. Then on wednesday night I did a bit of cross training and some swimming. Probably the most active I’ve been in a single week since I was a little kid 🙂 This morning I was out and on the road for my run at 4.45am. Of course back home there is no way I would manage that. It helps when you’re jetlagged and waking up superearly anyway.


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