Looking up

Things have started to improve this month. While I’m still far from back on good form, I have undoubtedly started training again. Admittedly this entire month has had less hours training than a previous heavy week.. but its improving. Ive built up at a safe and semi-conservative pace. Ive pushed myself, but not too much, and I’m starting to see results. Ive shed some of the excess weight I picked up along the way and I’m abe to run and cycle (on the turbo) and enjoy it again. The first few runs this month were horrible. Truly unenjoyable and unpleasant. This week I managed a 5 mile run and enjoyed it. Then 2 days later did a 6 miler and enjoyed that too. Longest runs for 3 months, and the most enjoyable. Hopefully next week I’ll be back to running an hour solid.

I’m also considering trying to go out on the bike on the road again. Possibly this Sunday morning. I’m nervous to do so, but Ive gotta shake off the fear and do it. Actually, in honesty, its not even fear. Its a complete lack of desire tempered with a touch of dread. I’m just hopeful that 2 Min’s out on the road and my love of cycling will overpower it all and my problems will be solved. Fingers crossed for that.

Haven’t considered swimming yet. Got a new tattoo a week a go so need to let that settle in for a few weeks before I can swim. I cant imagine how weird swimming is going to be. I’m hoping it will be OK though. Again, fingers crossed!


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